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Indonesia Central Java - Pucuk Banjarnegara #01 - Anaerobic Honey

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Variety Kartika, Sigarar Utang
Processing Anaerobic Honey
Region Kalibening, Central Java
Processor SSG, Bright Java
Altitude 1400-1600masl
Crop 2022/2023
Notes Lime, Ginger, Lemongrass

About this coffee:

We have been working with the folks from Banjarnegara since 2020 in the middle of the global pandemic. They are a farmers group operating around the Kalibening highlands and work with local residents to gather cherries. All of the cherries are processed together everyday in one area.

This particular lot as an anaerobic honey process. Anaerobic honey is a processing style in which the beans are dried with the mucilage, which is a sticky layer underneath the fruit pulp and has the same texture as honey. Anaerobic honey undergoes fermentation first with the whole cherries from freshly picked ripe cherries and floated cherries for a few days with inoculant, in this case Klebsiella & Pichia. After the fermentation reached our target pH, they were then pulped from the fruits, leaving the mucilage with the beans as much as possible.

The beans with the mucilage are then dried on raised beds to allow air to flow around the fruit and offer a more even drying process for about 2-3 weeks while the beans turned or raked during the drying process. Once the parchments are completely dry, they are then sent out for hulling to remove the coffee bean from the parchment and then off to the dry milling process to sort the beans based on weight, size, and color.

We came across Bright Java for the first time at a cupping session on an Indonesian export trade show in 2019. There were about 40 coffees on the table, and their coffees were a standout among others. We then got in touch with Troy and planned for the 2020 harvest. Together we processed coffees from 3 regions- Tosoro Village in Merbabu, with around 30 families looking after the coffees and Banyuwangi where the elevations go as high as 1600 MASL.

About Pucuk:

“Pucuk” means the tip of a tea leaf in Sanskrit. This taste profile includes tea-like elegance with calmer fruit notes.  

We were able to achieve this through the combination of yeast, bacteria & fungi based inoculants as well as utilizing the honey method processing style.

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